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COVID-19 Prevention Policy ( What preventive measures are you taking?)

All of our products are shipped both within the United States and from other countries. With respect to our third-party service providers, we at J & M Multi Services Boutique™  engages with businesses that has in place an active COVID-19 workplace safety and health measures within their company. In general, this means that we at J & M Multi Services Boutique™ informs our their third-party service providers of updated guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and encourages our third-party service providers to follow all applicable guidance, best practices and protocols.  However, at the same time we at J & M Multi Services Boutique™ must remain mindful of not overstepping legal boundaries in these discussions with our third-party service providers regarding COVID-19. Rest assured, J & M Multi Services Boutique™ preventive measures regarding COVID-19 are in place.